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user guide

                                                                            Diesel Generator Set

                          Installation and Application Guide

Safety & Warning

Before using or maintaining the generator set, please read the instructions and other related materials.

Correct installation of generator set is the prerequisite of using it effectively. Using qualified spare parts in maintaining machine keeps it in good situation and grants it with a longer working life.

The generator set should be operated by trained workman and maintained by authorized workman.

All operators and maintainer should understand the safety precautions and operation procedures.

Only under safe condition, can we start the generator set. Never start the generator set when there exit the abnormality.

Shut down the generator set and dismantle the connection cable before cleaning or repairing. 

Put the warning board in a certain position to avoid accident.

Engine exhaust gas is harmful to people. All indoor generator set should discharge the gas out of the engine room.

The smoke tube and muffler are very hot when the generator is running and it is appropriate to adopt the fireproof insulating materials.

Keep a clean engine room and a good ventilation.

Inflammables and explosives are not allowed near the generator set.

No smoke is allowed around the battery or fuel tank, as the gas and the hydrogen produced by battery will explode when meeting the naked fire or spark.

The engine room should be equipped with BC and ABC extinguishers. The operator and maintainer should know how to handle the extinguisher.

Do not start the generator set without fan cover or other safety covers. Do not put your hands under the cover or nearby to maintain when the machine is working.

Palm, arm, long hair, jewelry and loose clothes etc. should be far away from the pulley, drive belt and other rotating parts.

Wear the working cloth, glove and cap when work in engine room.

Do not screw the radiator cap before the coolant is cool down to avoid scald yourself.

Never swallow or touch any fuel, coolant, lube and electrolyte. Clean your hand under running water when having touched them.

Please wear the earplug to protect your ears from being hurt by deafening noise.

Be comply with the regulations standard or equivalent in choosing the power cables to distribute output power.

When it need to weld during installing generator set, not to connect the earth terminal to set to avoid the electrical equipment, bearing and bearing bush from being breakdown by high current.

Make sure that the earth connections of generator set safe and reliable.




In order to remove the generating sets from their transport with optimum safety and efficient, you must ensure that:


 -The hoisting devices are appropriate for the required tasks.

 -The slings are correctly positioned in the lifting lugs provided or the fork lift arms are positioned centrally under the frame.

 -The ground is able to withstand the weight of the generating set and its hoisting device if not, sturdy planks must be laid).

 -The set is lowered as close as possible to its service or transport position in an open and easily accessible area.




 Crane, slings, spreader, lifting hook and shackles.

 Lift truck.





 -Attach the hoisting device slings to the generating set lifting lugs designed for this operation

 -Slowly tighten the slings.

 -Make sure the slings are evenly attached and strong enough.

 -Slowly hoist the generating set.

 -Move the set to the chosen site and place in position.

 -Loosen the slings, unlock and remove the shackles.

 -Use at least 2 people.


2-Litf truck

 -Position the arms of the lift truck under the frame, making sure only the mainframe is resting on the arms.

 -Lift and handle the equipment slowly.

 -Set down the generating set in its final position.

 -Use at least 2 people, one of whom is the lift truck operator.




Chock the generating set at the alternator end.

Slightly lift the generating set at the engine end with two jacks and slide two tubes under the frame.

 -Let the frame rest on the tubes and move the generating set into the room by pushing it manually or pulling it with a winch or pulley system attached to the bedframe.

 -As the generating set moves along, take the free tubes and slip them back under the frame.

 -When it gets to its final location, position the generating set, chock and jack it up.

 -Remove the tubes and lower the generating set ensuring that it remains in the correct position and remove the jacks.


 2 jacks, three 60mm thick walled tubes, the same width as the frame and 1 winch or pulley system.
 Manpower: at least 2.
 If ground is uneven or the hauling distance is too far, use a lift truck with arms longer than the frame width.