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Quality Commitment

             YANAN is committed to the quality process and continual improvement of our quality management system. 

              YANAN is continually striving to exceed our clients’ expectations with our strictly Quality Management Systems and oriented services. We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and service high quality products and provide satisfied services, which meet and exceed our customers' needs. Company growth, customer satisfaction and increased market share are the measures of our success.


u      Development of “YANAN” ISO9001 quality system

          ISO9001-1994  first certificate 2000-3-18CQC)

          ISO9001-2000  renew certificate2002-12

          ISO9001-2008 renew certificate 2010-8-12


u      “YANAN” products certificate

          MotorMY,YC)   ----CCC certificate

          SLG series alternator     ----CCS certificate

          SLG series alternator -----UL certificatesite test completed

          SLG generating setspartially---SOCAP certificate

          SLG series above 300KW gen-set)     ----CCS expanding power certificate

          SLG series generating sets----Tier certificate

u      Process quality control

Main inspection recordscomplete record

          QR-06-001 coiled stator inspection record sheet

          QR-06-002 coil inspection record sheet

          QR-06-006 three-phase alternator leave factory test record sheet

          QR-06-008 product packingfinalrecord sheet

          QR-06-034SLG boat alternator leave factory test record sheet

          QR-09-012insulation record sheet

          QR-09-025alternator rotor balance record sheet


Sustaining the best quality is not only an obligation but also an honor, as well as an everlasting promise to the customers.