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Board Chairman Oration

Enterprise is an organization for continuous operating. The mission of manager is to promote the forever development of enterprise on the basis of competitive requirement, market rules andinterior expanding kinetic energy. The operation belief of Yanan company is continuous creation .Except its function value, the interior and cultural value carried by the merchandise is the survival assurance of enterprise, carefully protect it means protect exist of enterprise. Through the elegant action to produce the best quality products is the outline of Yanan company.Human beings who will continuous overpass themselves, grasp the active right of competition,with operation thought and behavior strength of modern enterprise are the successful power of competition. Yanan staff melting in the team with powerful action strength are the maximum development source of Yanan company .

Social Duties
1.Representative of Fujian Province People's Congress
2.Excellent Enterpriser of Fujian Province
3.Fuan-City's Electric Appliance & Electric Motor Vocation Chamber of Commerce President
4.Association of Fujian Enterprises & Entrepreneurs Vice-President
5.Of National Electrical Machine Vocation Vice-President