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R&D Center


YANAN R&D Center was established to reach technological innovation, support customers’ new requirements and future growth. With the introduction of ANSOFT software, YANAN plays the leading role in the field of generator designation.


    Scientific research capabilities

          Senior engineer: 15 persons

          Intermediate engineer: 32 persons

          Junior engineer: 46 persons


            Scientific research power:

          Cooperating with over 15 universities in electrical machine field. to expand scientific research ability.

          Almost every aspect of machinery field has witnessed our scientific research achievements.

          Now Yanan Company is chosen as the Electrical machinery technology Center of Fuan City.

         Recent News

          Yanan company has obtained the significant breakthrough in the technology of hybrid permanent magnet alternator and driving motor used in hybrid vehicle cars, pure electric cars, trucks and large passenger cars

          June 2010, Yanan company successful manufactured SLG564H2 double bearing alternator, which had filled the blank of 250KW low pressure and big power alternator in China.

          Aug.24th .2010, general manager Owen Lu signed the project “Permanent Magnet DC arc Welding Generator” with representative of Fuzhou University Electrical Engineering Department on the Fuzhou University and Ningde City Project Meeting.