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The 119th Canton Fair

Time: April 15-19th, 2016
Place: Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China
Booth No.:3.1E13-E22 /4.0G03
Exhibits: YANAN Generators, YANAN Generator Sets
Introduction to Fairs:
The first session of the Canton Fair was held from April 25th to May 25th 1957. It  was regarded as a road to friendship and a bridge to trade leading the newly-founded People's Republic of China to embrace outside world and letting the world get to know the People's Republic of China.
Since its inauguration in 1957, China Import and Export Fair has witnessed great changes over a half of a century. Over 5 decades, the Fair has more than once changed and expand its venue. The number of stands keeps increasing, but never quite meets the demand. How time flies! Those who are young with passion have grown white hair.
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